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The story of Roxane starts in the 1990s with one objective : to automate the weighing process in the perfume and flavour industry. Twenty-five years later, based on its success, the company has become the undisputed leader and has multiplied its field of activities.

Over the last 25 years, Roxane has become the specialist in high precision dosing. It allows its customers to roboticize and computerize their process through innovative and patented solutions.

To date, Roxane has a strong international influence, which is the result of a respected presence over the five continents, through a wide range of facilities of any size and for any field.

Key Dates


Early industrial story


Creation of the parent company


Roxane’s creation


Building the Roxane factory

Technological choices

From its creation, Roxane favoured a modular design for the whole equipments to its customers, guaranteeing the following points.

Productivity gain​

Customised solutions​

Upgradeable equipment​

Eco-sustainable stainless steel & PTFE design​

High precision dosing​

Liquid, viscous & powder dosing​

Traceability of each operations​

Standardisation of equipments​

Adaptability of containers​

Low power consumption​

Modularity of equipments​​

Operators safety​

Refined aesthetic

Easy maintenance of equipments​

This modular design will be continued throughout the range in the coming years.

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Our commitments

The technologies developed by Roxane and implemented on all suggested solutions, allow to strictly comply with the fundamental principles :

Use of a high-precision scale

Individual weighing

Actual recording of weighing values without computer conversion

Controlling the risk of cross-pollution

Traceability and process security

Enter the digital industrial universe