Roxane K
The Roxane K is a modular machine for small-scale production, sampling and R&D. Its design, performance and high reliability have made it an essential reference for sampling and creation laboratories.

Quality, precision
& repeatability

Thanks to its highly sophisticated VDS-101 valve control process, each dosage is performed very accurately and repeatedly within the imposed tolerance window. The system eliminates the risk of cross-pollution between raw materials. All operations on the Roxane K are systematically tracked. The system adapts automatically and continuously to fluctuations in the working environment (temperature, tank filling) without any human action.

Used technologies

The VDS-101 dispensing units allow accurate and fast dosing of simple gravity-fed or lightly pressured liquids. Their opening is continuously controlled by a single control device. Particularly suitable for the most difficult and demanding compositions, our devices are entirely made of teflon (PTFE) and 316 stainless steel, for a maximum safety and environmental friendliness.

Organisation and setup

The Roxane K consists of several Roxy 100 units, working in parallel, and connected by a beaker handling robot and a linear conveyor. Each module is autonomous and performs dosages for the 100 raw materials stored there. The number of modules is not limited, and varies between 2 and 7 ( i.e 200 to 700 raw materials).

Key Figures

24 hours a day
& 7 days a week

Machine designed for unattended operation

100 storage tanks per modules

Virtually unlimited number of connected raw materials in all types of packaging

Scales capacity from 1,2 to 6 kg

1 mg accuracy

Stainless steel receiver, various capacities, up to 1 Liter

Video presentation

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Software update

Improvement of software to increase performance, installation of new features, development of specific features at the customer’s request.

Remote assistance

Support and training in the use of all software, equipment, diagnosis and repair.

Preventive maintenance

Annual maintenance and overall inspection of all equipment, carried out by Roxane’s specialised technicians.


Continuous monitoring of mechatronic developments so that each machine benefits from the latest improvements. These raw materials are managed by the Compo Manager software.

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